Problems downlaoding your tickets?

If you are having problems with your 'print at home' ticket, then try these possible solutions.
Please note that your Order / Booking Confirmation is not the ticket - you must download the PDF and print, or have it available on your mobile phone.

I've clicked on the link in the Order Confirmation, but nothing happens?
Some older browsers will not open a link in a new 'tab' or 'window' - however you can print the tickets from your Order Confirmation email; this will contain a link to the PDF for your tickets.


I accidentally closed my browser, before I printed the ticket!
Don't worry, you will receive an email of your Booking Confirmation; this contains a link so that you can print your tickets.


I haven't received an email with the Booking Confirmation, so can't get my tickets
You can also print your ticket from your order history, simply login to your account and go to 'My Shop'; select 'Order History'; click on the order number from the list shown and when this opens you will see a link to the ticket PDF, or you can re-send the email to yourself.
You can also download the PDF to your mobile phone, and show this at the gate.


I've received the email, but the link still doesn't work?
If clicking on the link does not open your browser automatically, then 'right-click' on the message, and this should offer you the option to 'copy the hyperlink'.
Copy the link, open your browser, and 'paste' the link directly into your browser's URL bar.


My printer has lost/damaged the printout of the tickets, can I re-print?
Yes, you can use the link again to re-open the PDF of your tickets.
Of course you can print the ticket several times, but please note that our turnstiles will only work once for the same ticket!


I don't have a program that will open a 'PDF'
Our tickets are written in the standard ©Adobe format. If you don't have their reader installed you can download this from here.


I get an error message when I try to open the PDF.
You may get errors when the ticket is opened, and solutions can be found at the Adobe© Help site
Examples of common errors are:
Error: The file is damaged and could not be repaired. - this indicates that you may have either an older version, or a corrupted copy of Adobe, or the browser was unable to retrieve the file quickly enough (a page 'refresh' will resolve this).
Error: The application 'Adobe Reader' has unexpectedly quit. - an issue on Mac.
A frozen cursor or screen, or a blue screen
Visit the ©Adobe web site, and follow their instructions for upgrading or repairing your reader.


I don't have a printer!
That's ok - you can download the PDF onto your mobile phone, and show it at the gates.
Alternatively, you will need to contact us to obtain a copy of your ticket and you will be able to collect it at the grounds.
Please note that this does incur an administration fee.

Please note that on rare occasions our turnstiles may reject your Print at Home ticket or the image on your mobile phone, and in which case you will need to go to the Ticket Office to obtain a replacement. Please ensure that you have your Booking Confirmation with you, as this will allow us to quickly find your booking.

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